Oct 18, 2006

My Celebrity Look-a-Likes

Okay, Denzel I get...but the others?

Oct 3, 2006

"Orbital Groove" comes in at #11 in the August 1000 Mosh

Every month, AcidPlanet.com randomly selects 1000 songs from all the songs uploaded in the previous month. My song Orbital Groove was selected, and came in at #11! That’s out of 1000. Awesome!

Mosh voting works like this - you listen to two songs, and pick the one that sounds the best. That’s it! So my song beat out 989 others. If you listen to some of the songs that are below me in the top 25, you’ll find some great compositions—making 11th place pretty sweet! Plus, it’s decided by other AcidPlanet members, so that means a lot.

Usually, I do a lot of mosh voting to help push my song along, but this time I was voting in the Sueca Contest Mosh, not the August 1000. So my song reached #11 all on it’s own. Cool!