May 18, 2011

The Extra Hand: SOLVED

Possibly you’ve seen this strange picture of President Obama and his wife Michelle holding hands -with an extra hand. Many people assumed the picture was the victim of Photoshop, but Chicago Tribune photojournalist Alex Garcia has posted an explanation and the rest of the photo sequence:

Man Claims Mudflap Girl is His Mom

The iconic “Mudflap Girl”, long seen on America’s highways, finally has an identity. Ed Allen of Washington, D.C. says that it’s his mother. Allen’s father, a trucker, kept a photo of his wife wearing a swimsuit in his rig.

"Dad kept the photo in the cab of his truck, which always bore mom's name on the hood," said Allen.

When a new corporate owner forbade Stewart from decorating a company-owned vehicle, Stewart put his wife’s silhouette on his trailer’s mudflaps so his boss couldn’t see her when the truck was backed up to a loading dock.

In 1967, Ed Allen said that a local truck-accessories manufacturer named Bill Zinda saw the design. He liked it and, with Allen's permission, started selling it. No one ever trademarked the image, and Mudflap Girl got around a lot during the freewheeling ’70s.

Frowning Flower Girl

Aah, the Royal Wedding. A grand occassion where joy was had by all. Well, almost all.

Grace van Cutsem, age 3, was the daughter of Lady Rose Astor and Hugh van Cutsem, a close friend of William and Harry. She was the cute flower girl that stole the show by tellin’ it like it was in this photo that went viral ’round the Web.

May 13, 2011

Game Boy Online

For those of us who owned the original 1989 Nintendo Game Boy nothing is more exciting and nostalgic then playing some of those green and yellow video game classics of our youth. claims to have over 800 games that you can play in the browser without downloading an emulator. I know what I’m doing at work today...rescuing that Princess once and for all!

Aptly-Named Video of Long Truck

Yep, that’s a long truck! According to commenters, this kind of transport is used to haul sugar cane in Brazil. Normally they only travel from farm to farm, and it is unusual to see one on a highway.

May 10, 2011

Best/Worst Name for a Street

Yes, Bucket of Blood Street in Holbrook, Arizona, is completely real. There appear to be Google Street View images available, but I’m afraid to look at them.

May 9, 2011

Stick Balancing Art

I’m having trouble finding any information about this video. It appears to show a performer balancing sticks, one on top of another, without dropping a single one. At the very end, he must balance the entire assembly on one remaining, upright stick. Amazing to see!

May 5, 2011

Alderaan Weather Forecast

This weatherman got it here to pick up this awesome shirt from

May 3, 2011

Bob Marley: The Printer


This gem comes courtesy of redditor ultimobranchialbody. Adherence is mandatory.

Civil War Facial Hair

Gotta love it! These officers from the U.S. Civil War wore their beard, mustache, mutton chops or sideburns with pride. has a poll where you can choose your favorite and learn more about the military career of each of the contestants.