Jun 24, 2009

Ponder Loves Ponder

I recently noticed this on Facebook. I'm all for a positive self-image, but I have yet to create a fan page for myself. (Hmm...that gives me an idea!) Seriously though, I guess he's just trying to sell the image. In today's world, you've got to get noticed. But if he starts Twittering from the huddle, I'm going to be upset. (Though I admit it would be pretty cool!)

Jun 22, 2009

MySpace Going Down in Red-Orange Flames on Pink Background

Last week, the social networking giant announced they were cutting 30% of their workforce due to the fact that they suck. OK, so they really pointed the finger at increased competition. (Woohoo! Go Facebook!) Hopefully society will learn the lesson (though it's doubtful) that individuals can't be trusted with fully-customizable layouts, text colors and background images. The urge to blind one's "friends" with horrendous, debilitating eye strain is just too great. Or, people have no understanding of visual style, readability or aesthetic comprehension.

Sadly, I never got the chance to take that quiz to determine my favorite vegetable or analyze the color and style of my toothbrush. And how am I supposed to wish Happy St Patrick's Day to someone without an oversized, animated, sparkling image of a dancing leprechaun?

Obama Proves To Be Human Flyswatter

The Sunshine State

Today's forecast in Panama City: High of 99 degrees, with a heat index of 110. Sheesh! What is this, Florida?!?!

Jun 18, 2009

I Doubt It

For some reason, I find myself doubting the validity of the store's name...

Al's Billboard

Here's Weird Al's first billboard! It's for the "Al's Brain" 3-D show and exhibit at the Orange County Super Fair.

Jun 17, 2009

Star Wars Cakes

Here are some awesome Star Wars-themed cakes. The Millennium Falcon above is a product of Cakes by Jyl. Pretty cool, and very detailed! Nice work, Jyl.

This R2-D2 cake was actually a wedding cake, and comes from 1886 Cafe and Bakery. The cake was the bride's idea, and here she is striking the famous "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi" pose:

This next cake is also a wedding cake. This scene of a fallen AT-AT in the Hoth snow is my personal favorite, and it also has some pretty fine detailing. The whole wedding was themed around Star Wars, and you can check out pics of the ceremony and guests here.

Is it just me, or do those cupcakes look like Ewok faces?

Jun 11, 2009

The Benefits of Recycling

No, this isn't some mushy post about helping out Mother Earth -- it's about Rock-N-Roll!! I recently started a recycling program at work, and set up some boxes in our department to collect plastics for recycling. Today I was checking out the volume of bottles in my boxes, and saw some caps on a few Pepsi bottles that looked like the symbols from Rock Band (the drum set, guitar, bass and microphone). The cap had a promotional web address and there was a code on the inside. There wasn't anything on the label at all.

I went to the address, logged in with my Yahoo! ID, and entered the codes. Once you enter a code, it's worth one point that you can use to enter a bunch of different contests. Well, instead of trying to win a trip to Vegas or an X-Box 360, I entered the "free Rock Band 2 song download" contest. I figured the odds would be a lot better of actually winning something. Apparently, any time you enter your point into the song contest you win, so I now have 5 song downloads! The reason it's not mentioned on the bottle is because it's a new contest - there's still like 90+ days remaining. Awesome! Free Rock Band 2 DLC, here I come!

And it doesn't stop there. There are MyCoke Rewards points, and Dr Pepper has some sort of contest going on right now, too.

Needless to say, I'm planning on checking the boxes a lot more often!

I always knew recycling was a good thing.

Jun 9, 2009

The Debut of PlanetBizzle 2.0

Today I launched PlanetBizzle 2.0 in a desperate attempt to attract a fresh audience. Currently, my readership is comprised of a 31-year-old (OK, it's me) and sometimes my wife. So I decided to enhance the look, but stopped short of adding "Totally in your face" as a subtitle (I thought that would be too obvious). In case you're blind and someone is reading this to you, the blog looks much hipper than before. I also joined Twitter, and I'm fully planning on tweeting like crazy for the next 36-48 hours before getting bored/frustrated with posting and giving up on it altogether. There's a link on the sidebar if you care to follow the madness...I think my current tweet is "joined twitter". Yeah, I'm awesome.

Can't Argue with That!