Apr 2, 2009

More Responsibility, Same Pay

I recently told my boss that I would be willing to collect recyclable products (bottles, cans) from our area at work and take them to the recycling bins that I pass on the way home. Not only did she think it was a great idea, she made me Captain of Finance's Green Initiative. Pretty cool, right? Now I get to recruit some lieutenants and draft some plans. I'm going to insist that from now on, everyone at work call me "Captain Ben" - or at the very least, "Cap'n".

Apr 1, 2009

An Explanation

OK, OK - so my plan to post once a month failed, and I've only got one thing to say...April Fool's! HAHA! That was the most elaborate April Fool's blog joke ever! I totally fooled you all into thinking I was done posting...like I had disappeared off the face of the Earth or something! There were a lot of times in the last few months that I would have written, but I wanted the joke to seem real. Boo-ya!

One question - who's supposed to feel like the fool? You or me?