Nov 30, 2007

Planet Bizzle's Reading Level

Okay, so I ran Planet Bizzle through The Blog Readability Test and found out that it's written at an impressive level! All I can think is that it might be picking up my post about the longest sentence in literature.

College - Post Grad

I checked my Random Graffiti blog (completely visual, no commentary) and found that it was rated "Genius". No lie! You can test it by typing the URL ( into the The Blog Readability Test. I guess less really is more!!

Nov 27, 2007

Florida State’s 2007 Bowl Possibilities

Though we didn’t make it to the ACC Championship, Florida State did finish the year with a winning record (7-5). So, we’re going to a bowl. Last year, FSU stunned UCLA 44-27 in the Emerald Bowl. So which bowl will we be going to this year? Well, the invitations haven’t been extended yet, but I’ve examined the selection process and come up with three possibilities. These bowls all grant invitations to an ACC team that finishes fifth, sixth or seventh. Wake Forest finished fifth in the ACC, and Florida State tied with Georgia Tech for sixth. So it seems likely that each of us will end up in one of the following bowls:

The Meineke Car Care Bowl (Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC) The game will be broadcast on ESPN Saturday, December 29th at 12:00 CST. Possible opponents: Cincinnati, Connecticut.

The Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl (LP Field, Nashville, TN) The game will be broadcast on ESPN Monday, December 31, 3:00pm CST. Possible opponents: Arkansas, Mississippi State, Alabama.

The Emerald Bowl (AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA) The game will be broadcast on ESPN Friday, December 28th at 7:30 CST. Possible opponents: Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, California.

Personally, I’m hoping for Oregon or Oregon State, though they may get invited to a bigger bowl. I do know one thing...Miami isn't headed to any bowl!

Nov 26, 2007

2007 ESPN College Pick'Em Results

Each year, hosts a fantasy game called College Pick'Em. You have to pick the winner in 10 college games each week, and assign every choice a unique confidence level from 1 - 10. That determines the number of points you have riding on each game. It's pretty fun and mildly addictive, and I've been playing since 2002.

This year, I finished with 473 points out of a possible 660. That doesn't sound too great, but when you consider the numerous upsets in the polls this year, and the fact that the winner only managed 555 points, it makes me feel a little better!

I created the "Florida State Seminoles" group page, and 139 people joined. I finished 15th in the group.

More stats:

Rank: 13,070 out of 178,413

Average point total: 412.3 (I had 473)

Well, there's always next year! Go Noles!

Nov 19, 2007

'Random Graffiti' Has Launched!

I recently launched another blog called Random Graffiiti. The link will be available in my sidebar for future reference, or you can always subscribe to the posts so you don't miss anything.

I'll be publishing daily images of graffiti from all over the United States, extending to the rest of the world if the US can't meet the demand! Look for all kinds of styles - if it appeals to me, it goes on the page. Enjoy!

Nov 5, 2007

Seminoles Scalp No. 2 Boston College, 27-17

If you're like me, you're tired of hearing all this hype about Boston sports teams. Well, the Seminoles are doing their part to wipe out some of that nonsense...they defeated #2 Boston College Saturday night!

What an awesome upset win. I love being the underdog! And BC didn't just give it away on their home turf...we played with excitement and won the game.

Our offensive line gave Drew Weatherford the pass protection he needed, and opened up some nice holes for Antone Smith. Giving Drew the time he needed allowed him to find his rhythm and display some nice consistency that's been lacking at that position over the last couple of years. Used to, we would toss the ball down the field and hope Greg Carr would come down with it. Now, we're moving the ball down the field methodically.

Oh yeah - FSU had NO turnovers! Which is huge.

Matt Ryan (QB, BC) had been getting some Heisman chatter, but I'd be willing to bet that's over now. He was picked off three times, and on one interception, Geno Hayes returned it 38 yards for a touchdown to give the Noles a 27-17 lead with just over a minute remaining. No big comebacks here, Matt!

It was a really great game. I enjoyed it immensely! Jimbo Fisher even used some tricky plays, including one that involved three handoffs and a toss down the field for a gain of at least 20. Our old offensive coordinator, Jeff Bowden, would always try a deep throw on first down, then a run on second down (that would get nowhere) and then an "unexpected" run on third and long (which would also go nowhere). It didn't take long for our opponents to figure out our 3-play game plan. Jimbo, on the other hand, is cutting the defense to shreds with short, quick passes and screens that move the ball and give our athletes a chance to make big plays. Good riddance, Jeff!

I'm looking forward to the Virginia Tech game this weekend, and I feel like we've got a real shot to beat everyone left on our schedule, including Florida! All we have to do is play like we did on Saturday night. GO NOLES!!

Oh yeah, and Miami lost to NC State. What a weekend!