Jun 20, 2006

Dude, I got a blog.

Dude, I got a blog...

I'm thinking about using this blog to write about my work (until I get called into HR) and my music, man. My wife and I create songs electronically using ACID 2.0, and then upload them to AcidPlanet.com. Other users then review the songs, and you can move up and down the charts. I used to think I was pretty good, until my wife got interested and started posting songs. She's blown me out of the water and got up to #25 in all genres! (The highest I've ever gotten was like, 47.) Of course, you can also make friends, trade techiques, listen and download other artists' songs, so it's a lot of fun.

(Note to Webmaster@acidplanet.com: you can send my check to my home address, just like usual.)

That's all for now, and if you haven't figured it out yet, I use these "( )" a lot. (J/K) (No, really, I do) (NOT!)

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Angieb303 said...

You better believe I got to 25 in all genres! That was totally kick butt and you know it. It's ok cause you know you'll be the first it make it all the way to #1. I love you!