Jul 17, 2006

Who Am I?

A lot of times when people meet me or see a picture of me, they say I remind them of some guy they know. So, I offer the below picture with a simple question.

Who am I?

Did you have a college class with me? Do I work with your friend? Did you see me in the dentist’s office? Do I live in your building? Was I the guy who was tailgating you this weekend? Do you pass me in the halls at work?

Maybe you’ve seen a picture of me in the paper…or in your high-school yearbook.

Do you know other people that look like me? Maybe you could ask me if I have family in some other state. Or maybe just “Where do I know you from?” or “You look just like this guy I know…”
Come on…who am I?
What about this guy? This is DJ Kenneth A, a guy I met on AcidPlanet.com. (I do have to admit that he looks a lot like me...creepy!)

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