Sep 21, 2007

Yogi Bear: Black Bear or Grizzly?

Yogi Bear has been delighting Jellystone tourists with his antics for decades. But exactly what species of bear wears a matching hat and necktie? Let's examine some facts:

  • Yogi is brown. Grizzly bears are brown, and black bears are (get this) sometimes brown. 1 point for both species.
  • He famously describes himself as "smarter than the average bear." Grizzlies are much more intelligent than black bears, and have larger brains. 1 point for grizzly bear.
  • Yogi's constantly running away with pic-a-nic baskets. Both grizzly and black bears scavenge for food. 1 point for both species.
  • He's slightly taller than Ranger Smith. Black bears grow to be 5-6 feet tall. Full-grown grizzlies can reach heights of 8 feet. Assuming Ranger Smith isn't a giant or an ogre, 1 point for black bear.
  • Yogi walks on his hind legs. Both species can manage this, though a grizzly is more prone to do so with regularity. 1 point for grizzly bear.
  • He lives in Jellystone Park. I've always thought of Jellystone as being somewhere in the northern contiguous US. Grizzlies are only found in Canada, Alaska and Hollywood. 1 point for black bear.
Final result: 4 points for grizzly bear, 4 points for black bear. I guess he could really be either species. This "test" of "facts" revealed absolutely nothing. What a waste of time. Well, at least I'm on my lunch break. What's your excuse?


Anonymous said...

Grizzlies also inhabit the U.S.
Especially Yellowstone Park, which is what Jellystone get s it name from.
1 point goes back to the Grizzlies.

Anonymous said...

I Agree It should be 5-3 (five for the grizzly)

Anonymous said...

I agree it should be 5-3 (five for the Grizzly Bear)