Oct 30, 2007

I Curse You, Subscribers!

After syndicating my blog with FeedBurner, I've been using some of their add-ons and publicizing features. Sadly, every time you log in, the main screen displays your feeds and slaps you in the face with "Number of Subscribers: 0".

It was getting depressing, so I subscribed to the feed myself. (Trust me, "1" looks a whole lot better than "0".) Imagine my surprise when yesterday I logged on and saw "3" subscribers listed. I was elated! People love me and my blog! In fact, they like it so much they're subscribing! And it follows that there must be more people reading the blog that haven't subscribed.

Suddenly, I felt responsible. Obligated, if you will, to start putting out regular posts with quality content. Don't want to let down or disappoint the subscribers!

Well, today I logged in just for fun and found that I'm back to 1 subscriber. *Sigh*. I checked the stats, and it looks like I had three subscribers on Sunday, and back to one on Monday. One day. That was all they gave me. And they didn't even hang around - they actually took the time and effort to un-subscribe.

So now I'm back to one subscriber...and we all know who that is!

Well I'll show you! I might just take a blogging hiatus, or start posting cat pictures, or bad recipes with ingredients you've never heard of! Maybe I'll start photographing random people, or talking like a complete moron. Or maybe I'll use my blog as a kind of therapy session to talk about my feelings and other gooey stuff. Yeah, you wanted a war, I'll gvie you a war! I'll have the worst blog on the internet! I'll offend you with my ridiculous posts, recycled pictures, horrible grammar and bad spelling. (Well, maybe not bad grammar and spelling...wouldn't want to offend my last subscriber. That guy's awesome!)

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