Nov 26, 2007

2007 ESPN College Pick'Em Results

Each year, hosts a fantasy game called College Pick'Em. You have to pick the winner in 10 college games each week, and assign every choice a unique confidence level from 1 - 10. That determines the number of points you have riding on each game. It's pretty fun and mildly addictive, and I've been playing since 2002.

This year, I finished with 473 points out of a possible 660. That doesn't sound too great, but when you consider the numerous upsets in the polls this year, and the fact that the winner only managed 555 points, it makes me feel a little better!

I created the "Florida State Seminoles" group page, and 139 people joined. I finished 15th in the group.

More stats:

Rank: 13,070 out of 178,413

Average point total: 412.3 (I had 473)

Well, there's always next year! Go Noles!

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