Mar 21, 2008


Recently, we bought this wireless router so we can take our Wii system online. The router has some ports in the back for additional ethernet cables, so I got the idea to hook up our Playstation 2 to expand our online gaming experience. The Playstation 2 doesn't have a wireless connection option, and ours was one of the original models, so you have to buy the network adaptor. I called around, and found a local dealer that had one. The conversation went like this:

Me: "Hi, I'm looking for a Playstation 2 network adaptor. Do you have any of those?"
Them: "Yeah, I got one - used."
Me: "Does it have the startup disk?" (I had done some research.)
Them: "Yeah, it's brand new in the box."
Me: "Oh, brand new? I thought you said used."
Them: "Yeah, sure. Brand new. Whatever."
Me: "How much is it?"
Them: "Uh, $15.49."
Me: "$15?"
Them: "Yeah, sure. $15. Plus tax."

I got the impression that if I would have wanted a used one for $10, he would have broken it out of the box and sold it to me used.

Anyhow, when I got to the "store", it was exactly what you'd expect. There were a couple of racks of used games, a TV in the corner with an XBox and some chairs, a zillion tiny electronic parts on the sales counter and two brothers (one was arguing with his mom on the phone.) I got the adaptor (new, in box) and an ethernet cable from Wal-Mart. We went home and hooked up the PS2 without incident.

Now we're playing StarWars: Battlefront online and loving it! I mean, the original game is fun, but there's something about lighting up other human players that enhances the experience. And you get the added fun of revenge.

So if anyone out there likes to play Battlefront online, watch out for DARTH SCHMIDTIOUS. That's us! The name took a little work, 'cuz we wanted something that was Star Wars-related and would work if either of us was playing. We also wanted to incorporate our own identity into it. And then there's the spelling of 'Schmidtious'. We tried 'Schmidtyous' and 'Schmidtius' before settling on 'Schmidtious'.

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Scott Booker said...

Never have been one big on games or anything like that...but the screen shot makes it look pretty cool!! Maybe someday!!