Jul 28, 2008

Some Notes From Your Host

Hey Everybody! Just a quick post to let you all know that I am still alive. Some of you may be familiar with my normal summer habit of not blogging, but in fact this was all planned.

During the month and a half that I refrained from blogging, my subscriptions went down 71%. I had been getting concerned that my blog was becoming too popular, and I want it to remain an underground institution - unknown, unrespected, unread. Unknown blogs are the true voice of the people. Someday, a futuristic search engine will come across the blog and all will be revealed, but until then, I'd like only my most-trusted friends and associates to read the material herein contained. So I took some time off, and the casual readers dropped me like calculus.

To the few diehards that remain, I vow to reward you with some new material that you all ADORE (most likely related to Famous Swords and Today in History) very soon.

And if I don't, consider it Purge #2.

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