Oct 28, 2008

Today in History - October 28

On October 28, 1886, the final rivet was fitted to the Statue of Liberty during the dedication by President Grover Cleveland.

Bartholdi, the sculptor, was in the torch during the dedication, and pulled the rope that removed the French flag from Liberty's face.

Then, President Cleveland accepted the statue on behalf of the United States and said, ""We will not forget that Liberty has here made her home; nor shall her chosen altar be neglected."

Some interesting facts:

  • The statue's official name is "Liberty Enlightening the World".
  • Bertholdi personally selected New York Harbor as the site of the statue.
  • U.S. Patent D-11,023 was issued for the Statue of Liberty. This patent covered the sale of small statues, which helped finance the cost of the full statue.
  • The statue's nose is 4' 6" long.

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