May 18, 2009

ZYZ: The World's Next Big Text-Phrase

Recently, my wife and I were chatting with some friends on Animal Crossing about texting abbreviations. You know, like BRB (be right back) and IDK (I don't know). We were trying to think of more obscure ones that the others may not know, so my wife thought it would be funny to type XYZ. Unfortunately, "typing" with the Wii remote means guiding your pointer to letters on a keyboard and pressing the A button. In her haste, she entered ZYZ and we both thought it was hilarious (yeah, we're a little nutty).

Ever since, I've been trying to work it in to emails and other online communications. Today, my supervisor and I were discussing something in IM and I closed the conversation with "ZYZ". She asked me if I was sleepy, and I said, "No, it means 'no problem, everything's good, forget about it'". She accepted my explanation, and thanked me for the intel. I expect she'll be using it herself soon, so I wanted to document the start of the world's next big text-phrase.

So join me in spreading the message online and in other standard forms of communication. ZYZ! ZYZ! ZYZ!

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