Mar 12, 2010

Fun With (Or Without) Garfield

Garfield is a pretty funny comic in it's own right. But what happens when you start tweaking it a little? Here are some sites that have monkeyed with the strip and ended up with (what I consider) hilarious results.

De-Garfed The premise for these altered strips is fairly simple...just delete Garfield's thought bubbles to make John look like a raving, schizophrenic loony:

Garfield Minus Garfield This project takes the premise a step further - removing Garfield altogether:

Realfield My favorite of the Garfield variants. In Realfield, Garfield is replaced with a more lifelike, albeit mute orange housecat. Realfield doesn't talk, think or express emotion, yet he manages to do what all cats are best at - making their owners feel like morons.

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