Apr 6, 2010

Where Does My Milk Come From?

Here's a great site where you can quickly find out which dairy your milk, yogurt, ice cream or other dairy products come from. All you have to do is enter the code from the product into the website.
The code is made up of two parts: a state code and a plant code. Oftentimes the two parts are separated by a space or a dash. For example 4970 could also be 49 70 or 49-70. The first part is the state code and will always be between 01 and 56, and the second part, (everything after the first two numbers) is the plant code. It can be one to five numbers or letters, and could include a dash. The codes are usually printed near the top of the carton or on lids. Sometimes they're printed right on the label.
Check it out! You may be surprised...

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