May 14, 2010

R2-MK Droid...and Some Fantastic News!!

INFO: A first look at a new droid, R2-MK, with Jedi Mickey. This is one cool Astromech unit, but the best news is that Star Tours is going to be "reimagined" at Disneyland and (more importantly) Walt Disney World resorts. Scheduled to open in 2011, the power of the Force and the magic of Disney will combine once again to create an all-new Star Tours experience. When it reopens, it’ll feature a new 3-D, immersive experience that’ll take guests to familiar places in the Star Wars galaxy. To prepare for the reopening, Star Tours will close at Disneyland on July 27 and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on September 8.

COMMENTARY: I can't wait for the new ride! Angela asked me if I was sad that we didn't ride it one last time, and I was like, "Absolutely NOT". All that ride ever did for me was provide a backdrop for a cool Chewbacca photo op. I can't remember ever riding it and not getting sick. New story? Familiar Star Wars places? New 3-D experience? I am definitely looking forward to the sequel!!

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