Sep 21, 2010

Dinah the Dachshund

Dinah the Dachshund replaced Fifi the Peke as Pluto's girlfriend in the later Disney cartoons, though she sometimes dates Butch the Bulldog as well. She first appeared in The Sleepwalker.

In an episode titled Canine Casanova, she appears again with Pluto, who tries to woo her love and get to know her a little more. When she winds up in the dog pound Pluto saves the day, becomes Dinah's hero and the two start dating.

The episode In Dutch, set in the Netherlands, shows Pluto falling for Dinah as she becomes very attracted to him. In a lovely scene, Dinah gives Pluto a passionate kiss, which makes him feel great and causes him to want to rush the relationship. Instead, the two of them end up saving the day together when the water of the dam becomes unprotected and it almost engulfs the Netherlands. Her fur color is also a noticeably lighter brown in this episode.

In a romantic episode called Pluto's Heart Throb, Pluto falls for Dinah but is surprised to find out that she has two male dogs that she's splitting her affections with. It becomes obvious that Dinah is interested in Pluto because she loves him more, but Butch the Bulldog will not give her up. Butch demands a kiss from her, then pushes her into a swimming pool. Pluto hears her calls for help and comes to the rescue. When Dinah is saved, she makes her decision and dumps Butch.

In the final episode, titled Wonder Dog, Pluto is rejected by Dinah when she sees the poster of a handsome circus pup named Prince. Pluto believes that he can prove to Dinah that he’s better than Prince and challenges Butch to a talent contest. Dinah is so entertained by Pluto that she falls back in love with him.

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