Apr 1, 2011

Bay County Running Event Route Maps

When preparing for a race, I like to familiarize myself with the route so there are no surprises on race day. I also like to know where the divisions are so I can make sure I'm on pace. Unfortunately, I've really had to dig to find the info, sometimes using the county's website to examine 'approved parade routes' for the events. I'm publishing them here for my own benefit, and for other runners who may be interested in one of these events in the future. I've competed in all of these events, so I can vouch for their accuracy.

You can click on any of the maps to see them in larger scale.

Gulf Coast Sun Run 5K - Out-and-back route.

Holy Nativity Episcopal School 5K - Circular route.

Trot for Tots 5K - Out-and-back route.

Trot for Tots 10K - Out-and-back route.

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