Jul 16, 2007

Breakroom Discussion: Munchkin Cats

The office break room is a great place to find out about some weird stuff. But you have to wade through a lot of sludge to get to the prize gems. You have to sit through countless stories about babies, health/medical conditions, and all of the workplace drama. I actually like my job here, so I won't elaborate on the last point!

But if you patiently wait it out, you'll get the goods sooner or later. My favorite breakroom discussion so far has got to be the great debate about what to do when you've been ensnared by a boa constrictor. The two schools of thought are "hold completely still" vs. "try to grab at the head and poke the eyes". Both had solid foundations, and both were defended quite well. Unfortunately, (as is the case with most break room banter), there is no authority to consult on these subjects - it's all complete conjecture. So instead of being informative, the whole thing was merely frustrating. Now I don't know what to do when I find myself amidst the coils of aforementioned constrictor. But I will probably remember the heated debate on the subject. Thanks, guys!

On that note, today's subject at lunch was "munchkin cats". Apparently, many people are interested in breeding cats that stay small their whole lives. What I found out was that the top breeders have been unable to accomplish this feat, (runts not included), despite the apparent overwhelming demand for kitten-sized cats.

What they have been able to develop are "munchkin cats". These cats are the same size as regular cats, except for one fact - they have very short legs. So short that the cat looks a lot like a weiner dog - a "weiner cat" if you will. This was both humorous and frustrating to my other co-workers in the breakroom. I pointed out that most cats are already small (in relation to most dog breeds) but that didn't seem to satisfy anybody. They all want permanent kittens. One of them said, "They can breed smaller dogs...I don't know why they can't breed smaller cats." I'm just wondering what's gonna happen when they finally breed a cat that's smaller than a rat. Man, that's one showdown I DON'T want to see. But that rat is gonna be a celebrity in the vermin community!

Kitten-sized cats. C'mon, science...let's get this one crossed off the list! And I'm still waiting on my speeder bike and hoverboard. What are you guys doing over there?

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