Jan 28, 2008

BIG NEWS!! With Two Exclamation Points!!

My wife is one of 30 first-prize winners for the 2007 Samsung Hope for Education Contest!! She won $30,000 worth of Samsung merchandise and $30,000 worth of Microsoft software for her school. Gnarly! As the writer of a winning essay, she wins a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC (with Windows Vista), keyboard, optical drive and case...estimated retail value? $1,500.00!! It's called the Samsung Q1.

I found out that first she made it into a group of 300, and then into a group of 150. From there, hers was selected to be among the first-prize winners! We've known since September, but had to keep it under wraps or face disqualification. I wasn't aware of that fact when I published a congratulatory blog post four months ago, but I took it down ASAP when I found out about the gag order.

Actually, my wife and I each wrote an essay for the contest. You can click here to read my piece of trash.

Congratulations, honey!!

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Angela said...

Thanks hunny! Your essay wasn't that bad! Ha,ha!