Jan 25, 2008

Famous Swords: Tizona

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known as El Cid Campeador, was a Castilian nobleman in medieval Spain who became the chief general of Alfonso VI, fighting against the Moors in the early Reconquista. Later exiled by the king, El Cid left service in Castile and worked as a mercenary for other rulers, both Muslim and Christian, earning tremendous respect and esteem from both.

Tizona was taken in battle from a Moorish chief named Malik Bucar, and became the sword carried by El Cid while fighting the Moors in Spain. It is now one of Spain's most cherished relics and can be found at the Museo del Ejército (Army Museum) in Madrid. The sword carries two inscriptions: “IO SOI TISONA FUE FECHA EN LA ERA DE MILE QUARENTA” (In medieval Castilian: I am Tisona, made in the year 1002”) and “AVE MARIA – GRATIA PLENA – DOMINICUS TECUM” (In Latin: Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with you.)

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