Aug 19, 2008

Dumb Steve Joke VII

Dumb Steve was broke. He went to his rich uncle's house and asked if there were any chores that he could do to earn some extra cash.
"Well, my porch needs to be painted," said Steve's uncle.
"Great!" said Steve, "I'll get right on it."
Steve's uncle gave him a couple of buckets of paint, and the supplies he would need to do the job. He then went to his office to make some phone calls.
To the surprise of his uncle, Steve returned in only 30 minutes, reporting that he was finished painting the porch. His uncle was pleased by the speed of the job, so he gave Steve a nice bonus on top of the money for doing the work.
Steve gladly accepted the cash, and said as he walked out the door, "By the's a Ferrari. Not a Porch."

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