Nov 6, 2008

The 4 Aphorisms of Fantasy Trades

ALWAYS research the player you are trading for - a name alone is meaningless. This cannot be stressed enough!

NEVER let your trades hang for more than a week. You will forget about them.

NEVER offer a trade in the heat of frustration. The players you are mad at one week may become stars the next.

NEVER regret a bad trade. Interpret your foolishness and misfortune as a personal challenge.

As you can probably guess, this all started when I got mad at New England one week and sent a trade offer to a buddy of mine. I offered QB-Matt Cassel, WR-Randy Moss and RB-Edgerrin James all for RB-Reggie Bush. I was sick of Moss being hot/cold/hot/cold, so I figured I’d dump him for Bush. I added Cassel and James as extra incentive. Well, the trade didn’t get accepted right away, and I forgot about it. Moss had an awesome week, and my feelings changed. But I never remembered to retract the trade. So you can guess how “surprised” I was when I saw that my trade had been accepted! Add to that the fact that Reggie Bush is out with a concussion and not expected to return this season! It’s like I just dumped 3 good players for nothing. Now I've got to work my tail off to be competitive for the rest of the season.

So let my mistake be a lesson to you all...DON'T GET BLINDSIDED!!

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