Nov 7, 2008

The End of an Era...*sniffle*

You may have noticed that my Touch-Tone Phone Song link was removed for a few days. It used to point to my phone song page that was housed on AOL Hometown until they turned off their server.

It was #1 (out of 67,200,000) on the results list on Google for "phone songs". Do you know how awesome that is? I was getting so many hits that my webcounter kept freaking out and would reset itself every couple of months.

I was regularly getting emails from people who thought the site was interesting, and had suggestions on songs. I even got an inquiry from Al with Froggy 98 FM in Lincoln, Nebraska asking if I could transcribe some Brad Paisley songs for a contest. I found links to my page on other pages, and even found the address listed in some Canadian government documents for interns (on the "just for fun" page).

But, as with all good things, it had to come to an end. Well, it didn't really HAVE to, I guess a global media and entertainment conglomerate like TimeWarner couldn't afford to host a little page like mine that was mostly text and three pictures. (Oh wait, one of those was an animated .gif, so I guess I can understand...NOT!!) Anyway, October 31 was the last day the site was available. The link now points to my page on GeoCities, which should last until Yahoo! goes bankrupt or ends up on the wrong side of a merger.

Coincidentally, my page was #2 on LiveSearch, #2 on DogPile, #9 on WebCrawler and #13 on Yahoo, but let's be honest...Google is by far the most popular. Man, this sucks! Curse you, TimeWarner!!

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