Aug 19, 2010

Math Art

Sculptor Bathsheba Grossman creates metal and crystal artworks of forms found in math, physics, biology, and astronomy. Grossman shows us Borromean rings, hypercubes, gyroids, fractals, Calabi-Yau spaces, and interlaced sculptures based on the five Platonic solids. I particularly like this Voronoi network wrapped onto a Möbius toroid, sculpted in white glass:

Grossman created this beautiful lamp from one of her Ora series sculptures. Available in several lamp styles from Materialise:

Creating visual representations of math concepts became easier with computer rendering software and digital video capabilities. That doesn’t mean it's simple, though. Homporgo, the artist who created this video of a Mandelbox zoom said, " the end part a single frame took 18 minutes to render, and the whole 1:27 minute video needed 12 days nonstop rendering. I felt that's more than enough at the time."

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