Aug 17, 2007


Hey, you. Yeah, I'm talking to you! The one with a coffee cup on your desk. No, not you with the mug. You can go back to work. The other guy...did I just hear you call it a Styrofoam cup?

FYI, Styrofoam is made by the Dow Chemical Company, and is used in the construction industry, the floral industry, and in the production of nautical billtes. It is not used to make cups, plates, or other foam containers.

The below is from a page on Dow's corporate website, entitled "What is Styrofoam?" You can access the page by clicking here.
"These common disposable items are typically white in color and are made of expanded polystyrene beads. They do not provide the insulating value, compressive strength or moisture resistance properties of STYROFOAM products. In order to protect the Dow trademarked name 'STYROFOAM', such other material should be referred to by the generic term 'foam.' "
Now, all of you get back to work - and let's be a little more careful about how we refer to our disposable food containers!

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