Jun 9, 2009

The Debut of PlanetBizzle 2.0

Today I launched PlanetBizzle 2.0 in a desperate attempt to attract a fresh audience. Currently, my readership is comprised of a 31-year-old (OK, it's me) and sometimes my wife. So I decided to enhance the look, but stopped short of adding "Totally in your face" as a subtitle (I thought that would be too obvious). In case you're blind and someone is reading this to you, the blog looks much hipper than before. I also joined Twitter, and I'm fully planning on tweeting like crazy for the next 36-48 hours before getting bored/frustrated with posting and giving up on it altogether. There's a link on the sidebar if you care to follow the madness...I think my current tweet is "joined twitter". Yeah, I'm awesome.

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