Jun 22, 2009

MySpace Going Down in Red-Orange Flames on Pink Background

Last week, the social networking giant announced they were cutting 30% of their workforce due to the fact that they suck. OK, so they really pointed the finger at increased competition. (Woohoo! Go Facebook!) Hopefully society will learn the lesson (though it's doubtful) that individuals can't be trusted with fully-customizable layouts, text colors and background images. The urge to blind one's "friends" with horrendous, debilitating eye strain is just too great. Or, people have no understanding of visual style, readability or aesthetic comprehension.

Sadly, I never got the chance to take that quiz to determine my favorite vegetable or analyze the color and style of my toothbrush. And how am I supposed to wish Happy St Patrick's Day to someone without an oversized, animated, sparkling image of a dancing leprechaun?