Feb 13, 2008

Famous Swords: Greysteel

Greysteel was a sword carried by a Norse hero named Koll the Thrall. Koll was once a slave of a Norse King named Alrek. On a trip to Sogn, Koll spotted a girl brewing ale and told King Alrek of her beauty. The king met the girl, and they were wed the same year. To reward Koll, King Alrek made him an earl and gave him a residence south of the Hard Sea.

Later, Koll and another earl named Gunnvald both asked to marry the same woman, and Gunnvald was granted her hand. After that, Koll secretly took a great army to Stord, and they set fire to Gunnvald’s house. Gunnvald came out and was killed. His foster son, King Josur, showed up with an army to avenge Gunnvald’s death, and when Koll saw his sails, he ran to his warships. They fought, and both King Alrek and Koll fell to King Josur along with the better part of their army.

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