Feb 4, 2008

The Great Toothpaste Ruse - The Sequel

I've been fooled again! Back in August, my wife pulled the old switcheroo on me and had me using the flat, stale toothpaste while she enjoyed the ample goodness of the fresh tube. I was fooled that time because she had pushed the box up against the electric toothbrush so I couldn't see that the flaps were open. (You can read that post by clicking here.)

Since this tube has been getting low, I've been keeping an eye on the new box, making sure it hasn't changed positions. And it hasn't. Finally, after a particularly grueling squeeze, I sarcastically asked my wife, "You're STILL using this old tube?"

"No", she replied.

Ha! I knew she was joking because the box hadn't been opened. I went back to the bathroom and started brushing. As I brushed, I started thinking. I looked at the box, and I could clearly see that it hadn't been opened. I continued brushing, and thinking, and thinking and brushing, and then - just to be sure - I picked up the box. And guess what I saw...

The box was opened! The flaps had been folded into the box so I couldn't see them. She had used visual perspective against me! The open end was out of my line of sight, and because I couldn't see the flaps, I assumed the box was closed on that end. Diabolical! Calculating! Genius!

I was both flabbergasted and impressed. She had done it again. When I looked out around the corner with the box in my hand, she started laughing. She thought I had already known, so that's why she was so truthful. What I believed to be sarcasm was actually truthfulness. Go figure!

Stay tuned for The Great Toothpaste Ruse III. I'm sure it will happen sometime around July. And I'll be ready! Remember, all rules are off in the last installment of a trilogy...