Feb 8, 2008

Raiding the Office Stash

My company is currently going through some serious cost-savings initiatives. For instance, instead of ordering more Post-Its, they've put a box in the copy room to collect discarded paper. This paper will be cut-up and given to employees to use in place of Post-Its. I said, "In that case, we're going to need a whole lot more Scotch Tape!"

One of the other initiatives includes consolidating all supplies into an old manager's office who was "encouraged to pursue other endeavors". We're supposed to take any unused supplies to this "stockpile" where they can be monitored and distributed. This is not only beneficial for the company, but also for me! We're still in the collection phase, so today I snuck into the room and found a 100-count box of large paperclips and a ruler with all the presidents' portraits. Later, I went on a second run and guess what I found? Thirteen packs of Scotch Tape!! No lie. That stuff is worth it's weight in gold! I swiped three (one for each member of my team) and also a three-hole punch to replace the one they took out of my area.

Taking supplies from the "haves" and giving them to the "have-nots" kind of makes me feel like a modern-day Robin Hood. Or Zorro. Yeah, Zorro's much cooler because he has that "secret identity" appeal. I mean, you'd know Robin Hood as soon as you saw him. But Zorro puts on that black strip of fabric with two eye slits and no one can tell who he is (Kind of like Superman in reverse). Everyone's like, "I don't know where Don Diego de la Vega went, but here's Zorro! The workingman's friend, the defender of freedom, the distributor of justice."

Yeah, that's definitely me.

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